Over half of NHS patients treated for depression and anxiety relapsed within a year of treatment.*

Preventing relapse is a critical but often overlooked aspect of psychological care and these figures suggest that more has to be done to monitor patients’ wellbeing post-treatment, offering them adequate support to ensure that they stay well.

Our support aims to sustain those journeys back to good mental health.

Your donation enables us to continue our work of helping people stay on track and find meaning, purpose and direction in their lives.

*The study, published by leading scientific journal Behaviour Research and Therapy, cited 53% of treated NHS patients and was conducted by a team of NHS clinicians and scientists from the Universities of Sheffield, York, Huddersfield and Trier.


Where cash goes to help


Making a one-off donation

Any amount – even £2, less than a cup of coffee – helps. Here are some examples of how a donation can make a positive and practical difference

£10 enables us to retain dedicated trained call handlers to assess the needs of someone requiring support

£25 helps fund e-learning on personal development, workplace skills or to progress self-employment

£50 covers a confidential counselling session for a beneficiary, building confidence and resilience

£100 contributes to a beneficiary gaining a ride instructor qualification or cycle technician certification

Making a regular monthly donation


Recurring income would allow us to focus on our core purpose: helping people sustain theirs.

Fundraising efforts are necessary. Your support helps towards the daily running costs of a major initiative.

We don't have – and there are no plans for – fancy offices.

In fact, everyone works from home, which means more of your cash goes where it is needed the most.

 It is a proven clinical fact that cycling benefits mental health (read more).

In certain circumstances, we can supply bicycles for people who don't have a bike and, more importantly, who would struggle to buy one. We meet the purchasing costs of reasonable quality pre-owned, serviced bikes.

Sometimes, when it might be difficult for a service-user to arrange collection, we organise delivery: further costs involved.

We go out into communities and also participate in events. Some resourcing will go towards the use and maintenance of roadshow vehicles, like a motorhome, and to cover event overheads.

There are also our suppliers. We're incredibly grateful for their support – pro bono or often on discounted terms. Yet standard commercial options are unavoidable – and justified. We must balance 'cheapest vs robust' in work with vulnerable people.

Our roster of accredited therapeutic practitioners, vocational advisors, cycle instructors and others are professionals. They trained for years to become qualified and continue to invest in their own professional development. Whilst some are able to offer concessions or pro bono support, it's unreasonable to expect them all to help for free. We commit to offering free counselling and coaching sessions for our beneficiaries, but we settle invoices direct with our roster.

Other overheads add up: compliances, insurances, disclosure safeguarding, volunteer training, systems, payroll and marketing.


10,000 people each giving just £10 per month, sustains the charity for a year, allowing reinvestment of surplus without dependence on any other form of fundraising. 


In 2014, one million young women contacted a mental health organisation. Imagine how many didn't.


When you click your preferred option above, you'll be asked to choose an amount and to enter payment details.

To thank you for your regular commitment, there's the option of receiving a small gift each month, or quarterly, in recognition!

There's no obligation, we're happy to put your funds to good use, but our research shows that donors feel more valued and are more likely to appreciate a token reward than just getting an occasional letter.

We've teamed up with terrific cycling-related brands to offer a surprise gift through your letterbox or inbox – such as a nutrition bar or discount voucher!

After you've donated, we'll confirm receipt and check with you if you're happy to receive communications about our work and reward gift details.

You'll find further information in our our full Donations Acceptance Policy.

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