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Calling IAG specialists, career coaches, start-up advisors and business consultants!

Experienced in providing online support? Keen to help people in a more rewarding context?


Download: 4-Step Advisor Guide


Let's be clear from the outset – we're not into top-sliced contract delivery entailing bums-on-seats, target-driven outcomes.

Our values are about creating peace of mind and empowerment.

This is a new charity, but as they say in Birmingham, "this ain't our first rodeo".  Birmingham, Alabama...possibly.

We have decades of 'grazed knees' experience in respective disciplines, having advised and assisted many thousands of people.

As well as seeking like-minded professionals, your skills and experience are needed to help people explore real purpose – that which truly inspires and motivates. This is not about shoe-horning people into any old job, or some half-baked enterprise that needs a bit more thinking through. Helping someone get back to their best, to find the ideal direction and aiding them to fulfil their purpose, is incredibly rewarding and life-affirming with benefits for communities, society and the world at large. 

Provision is intended to be free for our enrolled service-users. Clients are not those with the severest of symptoms: rather, on the cusp of recovery from (or are on the verge of) concerns.

Your role is vocationally-focused, as our clients may self-refer to our roster of Accredited Register therapeutic practitioners for confidential counselling support.

Work is offered under Service Level Agreement on freelance terms.

It is a home-based role, mostly providing web-chat or email support via our Learning Management System.

We have existing resources for both career guidance purposes and business start-up/growth, so we're not really looking to you to provide core content: it'll be more background context, anecdotal input and supportive encouragement. 


You will need to be:

  • Disclosure certified, which we can arrange at cost for freelancers, as you'll be able to use it elsewhere
  • A current member of a professional association and hold valid indemnity insurance
  • Reasonably 'tech-savvy': familiar with CRM data entry, LMS navigation, competent with web-chat and video call software.


Regrettably, work cannot be guaranteed but in the first instance, download our 4-Step Advisor Guide and if keen to progress your interest, please then send your resume and a few words about why you believe that you can make a difference, to:  

partnering [at] innercycle [dot] org

We'll follow up to explain further, to learn more about your current activities and to explore scope for your involvement!


Sorry, strictly no recruitment agencies: direct enquiries only