Therapeutic Support

Patients being treated for stress are invariably prescribed anti-depressants and a short course of therapy.

Those who finish GP prescribed treatment or come to the end of psychiatric support are deemed fit for work. Yet they are often far from ready to resume any kind of vocation, much less to sustain it.

This presents a ‘cliff-edge’ at a vulnerable point, which can cause relapse or worse. In fact, the largest drain on NHS mental health provision is caused by relapse. 

Initiatives exist to help achieve the NHS's Five Year Forward View goal – such as 'Social Prescribing' whereby GPs can now refer patients direct to practitioners – to help one million people off mental healthcare registers and back into work.

Our view is that it isn't a therapist's job to get someone fit for work. Which is why we've taken a unique approach: a combined model of vocational support WITH a cycling plan AND therapeutic offerings.

Together, such provision breaks the mould. It's vital to provide something different, as mental health issues escalate in society. More than half of all people with mental health concerns relapse within twelve months. We offer practical help, fully recognising the value of being able to share concerns and innermost feelings in a confidential setting.

Quite often, people don't get the choice of practitioner. At Innercycle, they do.

With some providers, there's a limited number of free sessions before charges apply. Not at Innercycle: No charge.

It is also not uncommon for people to be pressured into therapy, whereby refusal results in unwanted or unintended consequences. Via Innercycle, they self-refer.

And we operate a fully safeguarded and confidential approach. Although we undertake initial 'IAPT screening' via NHS-approved 'patient-reported assessment surveys' we are NOT involved in sessional work: client privilege is sacrosanct.

All that we ask is for the practitioner and the client, independently of each other, to let us know when a session has taken place. We record the occurrence, not the content. This way, we can settle the bill direct while undertaking appropriate due diligence to verify session activity, for governance purposes.

Accredited therapists are invited to express interest in joining our roster via:

Looking for support? If you feel that there could be benefit in accessing our services and would like more details, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.