Steven Clarke – Chair

I have always loved two wheels (cycle and motorcycle) and know from first-hand experience how cycling can – in a good way – take you to another place, both literally and mentally.

However, whilst not as experienced a cyclist as many in our team, I am remedying this.

It would be accurate to say that my background is as varied and colourful as I am as a person. With over 30 years commercial experience in the I.T. and technology industries, including building two businesses of my own, I have also trained as a Reiki Master and am a published author and a film producer.

I chaired a children’s charity for five years and spent two years as a trustee of the CVS in Hertfordshire. My varied experiences have led me to great successes and painful failures, which have assisted in me being able to coach and mentor others to achieve their life goals or managing their way back from difficult situations. Mostly it’s been about being themselves and not concerning themselves with what other people think: a crucial understanding for us all.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken” ~ Oscar Wilde


SC Bio2

“As one of CVS’s seven trustees, Steve brings a business-orientated view and an insight into both the entrepreneurial and not-for-profit worlds. He has a strong sense of the value of the charity sector, and has proved adaptable, willing to research on behalf of the Board, and regularly contributes to the strategic development of our organisation. His sense of humour, strong values and ability to help people share the vision, and his personality and enthusiasm have benefitted the group dynamics of our Board meetings through his lively engagement with issues.”

Ann Jansz – Stevenage CVS

“Steven’s positive personality and enthusiasm have made him an excellent chair of the MBA Trustees. His business knowledge and experience has come across through his sound advice and guidance, helping us to shape and develop the charity.”

Tina Powell – MBA (Mentoring Basketball Academy)

“In life you meet a few very special people that from the first moment there is a real sense of integrity, honesty, openness, sharing and generosity that is undeniable. I have just had such an experience with Steve and I want to share how I feel because these feelings are what create those incredible memories in life that make it so worthwhile.”

Andrea Gutwirth – SoulTalk Charity Foundation