Our purpose is to help people find and live theirs, while addressing challenges for those with mental health concerns in practical ways.

It is a privilege for us to help restore a sense of wellbeing in people's lives. It is also our (willing) duty to foster a responsive environment in support of enjoyable and inspiring ways for people to interact with us and the outdoors, during access to our services.

Our safeguarding policies and relevant guidance resources have been produced to help our clients (service-users) undertake activities with their best interests in mind and to reduce risk to them (and us, to avoid being unjustly accused of improper or unprofessional conduct).




We want to ensure that those who access our services are aware of and understand their responsibilities, of those who are here to help them, any signs of a safeguarding concern, along with how we deal with reports of issues and what it means for those in our charge.

Our policies reflect the Dept. of Health's six key safeguarding principles:

  1. Empowerment: based upon person-led decisions and informed consent.
  2. Protection: support and representation for those with higher needs.
  3. Prevention: it is better to take action before harm occurs.
  4. Proportionality: the least intrusive response appropriate to risk.
  5. Partnership: achieved via working with other providers and local communities to help prevent, detect and report neglect and/or abuse.
  6. Accountability: responsibility and transparency in safeguarding.

Keeping clients and their information safe

Concerns are recorded by our Safeguarding Officer. Appropriate information, advice and guidance is given and, where appropriate, action is taken.

Cyber security, safeguarding, equality, diversity and health & safety training with regard to prevailing compliance requirements is compulsory for our staff, volunteers and outsourced personnel.

We implement a comprehensive and robust range of safeguarding protocols. Policies and procedures are fully accessible to people enrolled with us.

If you have a matter that you'd like us to resolve, please refer to our

Complaint Handling Procedure (Public Guide)


To download our guides to how and why we process certain information, please click the links below: 

Innercycle CIO Privacy Notice

Innercycle CIO Information Governance Policy-Easy Read