Therapeutic Practitioners


Calling accredited psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, Mindfulness practitioners, et al!

We hold organisational membership of the NCS and anticipate future collaboration with further healthcare and other accredited associations

Interested in more clients? For an outline, read our innercycle-4-Step-Guide-For-Accredited-Practitioners (web download)


Step 1 – Send your resume (detailing referees) to: therapeutics [at] innercycle [dot] org – and enrol for free

Step 2 – Evidence your certifications/accreditations and, upon approval, we list you

Step 3 – Clients self-refer (privilege applies: we are not involved in sessional work)

Step 4 – You bill us ( so that it's free for clients) and we settle on 30 days.


Let's be clear from the outset– we're not into top-sliced contract delivery entailing bums-on-seats, target-driven outcomes.

If we did that, we'd be more part of the problem, than the solution...

Our values are about creating peace of mind and empowerment.


Read on below for more details:


Provision is intended to be free for our enrolled service-users. Once approved to join our roster, you would invoice us, subject to any concession or pro bono arrangements that you currently offer – the same courtesy extended to us as a charity would be welcome!

Work is offered under Service Level Agreement on freelance terms: joining our 'roster' of accredited register professionals.

Although early-stage, over the last few months more than forty practitioners across the UK have come on board. Due to the scale of mental health issues, we're seeking additional therapists.

It is a home-based role and, barring payment arrangements, practically identical to how you currently screen and work with your existing private practice clientele.

You have complete autonomy to agree with your client the extent and type of support that is appropriate.

In certain instances, this may entail intensive focus – possibly weekly sessions for up to three months, then occasional ad-hoc for 'maintenance' purposes, unless there's a development that warrants additional intervention. Or howsoever is appropriate.

Sessions may involve video calling, telephone and email support, possibly face-to-face counselling, exactly as you would normally provide, at your preference.

You will need to be:

  • Disclosure certified, which we can arrange at cost if not presently held, as you'll be able to use it elsewhere
  • A current member of an accredited register, such as the NCS, BACP and/or others
  • In possession of valid insurance cover
  • Able to evidence proof of identity, certifications and address able to provide two references or contact details of two referees (e.g. supervisor)
  • Reasonably 'tech-savvy': familiar with CRM data entry, system navigation, competent with web-chat and video call software.

Regrettably, we cannot guarantee referrals but in the first instance, if keen to progress your interest, please send your resume to:

therapeutics [at] innercycle [dot] org

We'll follow up to explain further, to learn more about your current activities and to explore scope for your involvement!

 Sorry, strictly no recruitment agencies: direct enquiries only