Events and Community Outreach

Many of us behind the scenes at innercycle have backgrounds in the cycling industry.  So we're used to a way of being, almost, that is slightly different to 'the norm', especially in the charitable sector.

For instance, we don't have an office. Sure, we hire meeting rooms and other facilities at a nice spot in central London, as well as get together as a team and with partners and suppliers all over the UK. It makes sense to us. And, we're reasonably confident that there isn't a grant source that would actually insist on our spending grant funds, donations and sponsorship on maintaining plush premises. It's not all that easy for folk to visit us, either.

Instead, we believe that you'd prefer us to come to you. 

motorhome rv

See that motorhome, over there? Pretty, isn't it?

Oh, the van's not ours. At least, not yet. It's what they call "for illustration purposes only".

We're believers in positive thinking and action. It's there as a reminder, for us to focus on, as that's how we're going to get this show on the road. Literally. How it is done in the cycling world. So, with the help of all those wonderful people who have already started to donate to the cause and support us in amazing ways, we're going to acquire the use of some motorhomes –also known as RVs, campervans, buses, wagons, you get the drift – which will be fully kitted out, staffed and decal-ed up with our partner logos, ready to come visit communities small and large across Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

There are more than 2,000 cycling events in the UK each year, excluding local authority-organised activities. So our vehicles will be out and about all year round. A bit easier for us to get together! Keep an eye out on our blog, social profiles and this page, which will be updated periodically as we make progress in outreach and partnering up in communities.

You can help by letting us know about events and initiatives in your area and by donating – even a few pounds aids the cause!


Here's an example of the type of events that we rock up to (and participate in) – watch our highlights clip from Revolve24!