Michael Martin – Chief Executive

In former guise as an accredited Business Start-Up Advisor, Trainer and Management Consultant in private practice and for various agencies, Michael carried out more than 8000 1:1 client sessions over 25 years.

Additionally, Michael is a published co-author, undertaking interim management – six years in the cycling industry – headhunting and career guidance for the long-term unemployed, also originating an endorsed ‘enterprise-learning’ programme, provided in schools and FE since 2004. Michael is the charity founder.

Less desk, more bike. However, it's a source of some amusement amongst our wonderful team, that I don't own a mountain bike (which my physique is better suited to) and my thirty-year-old steel frame Peugeot road bike ought to be in a museum. Interested brands, please apply within.



“I have participated in many courses, seminars, training etc; including some provided by mega successful, millionaire speakers and trainers. I would like to express that Mr Martin is one of the most skilled people managers, most efficient, knowledgeable, and “nicest” trainers that I have ever met, or worked with, he has helped me massively.

The work Michael puts in is stunning. He is working for us hours before we arrive, and hours after we leave. He is constantly working to try to help us succeed; he REALLY cares.

Many trainees have commented to me, or voiced aloud to the group, how they have been helped, even “beyond the call of duty” by Michael. People have commented: 1. “He really is bothered.” 2. “Really helped me.” 3. He spends time to help you understand.” 4. “I can’t believe it! I was well freaked out, but he explained it to me in a good way, and made me understand.” 5. “I was panicking, but after Michael helped me I feel so much better, I CAN DO IT NOW!”

– Mr P.H. NVQ Assessed Training Course, 2013

I'm fascinated by the incredible variety of vocations that people pursue. Indicative, perhaps, of the myriad ways to the highest forms of self-realisation.

For some, it is a path of beauty, perhaps in the arts. A few gravitate towards understanding the building blocks of life in a scientific discipline.

In trying to make sense of the devastating impact of mental ill-health on those close to me – backstory – eventually, it dawned on me that these lifelong 'lived experiences' constituted my calling.

Apart from being on our cat's staff and devotion to my partner, Shirley (together, self-funded the start of the charity) – and in what spare time I make to be a good old-fashioned heretic – my purpose answers the call of the satirist, Finlay Peter Dunne (1867–1936):

"Comfort the afflicted and disturb the comfortable"