Matilda Lambert – Therapeutics Support Manager

Ever since she was little, Matilda felt compelled to tell stories: true or false, wild or grounded, for good and occasionally for evil. Even now in the world of grown-ups, she enjoys the times she gets to tell a story, to combine new ideas and make new connections through her words, her artwork or her actions.

Having gallavanted around the UK, Australia and the Middle East, Matilda discovered that life has a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

She soon realised that reaching the destination isn't the end of the journey. And sometimes the destination wasn't the right one after all and it was time to set off again.  As it turned out, it was about the stories told along the way and the inspiration they provide to change something dark to something bright.

Currently, Matilda eagerly awaits the day she can get a dog. Maybe two.

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