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6 days ago


The 72-milers, ready for depart 8am, Leeds office atrium PwC LLP UK #OFOD ...

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1 week ago


Super news to share: fundraising for our work by PwC LLP UK OFOD riders has passed the £700 mark in under 48hrs! Well done to all sponsors, riders and organisers 🙌 Final prep stage before we enjoy Friday's routes in West Yorks 🙂 #MHAW2018 #OFOD #PwCFoundation ...

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The @veloheadbikes team at not-for-profit are making a real difference to the lives of vulnerable young people. If you have a moment to look at the article and their website, I am sure they would welcome your interest and support.

Also true that showing children and adults the power a balanced approach to what may be perceived as 'failure', helps build confidence, too. We tend to learn as much if not more from setbacks (when self-doubt might be greater) than goal achievements #WednesdayWisdom

happiful kids@happifulkids

Self-doubt is easy. Believing in ourselves can be the real challenge. Show children the power a positive attitude can have on their achievements, and how it can help push them to even greater goals. Believing in ourselves is half the battle. #WednesdayWisdom

1. Chain link pliers
2. Rivet removal tool
3. Link screwdriver

(1 hour of YouTube and failure later)

Sod it. Where’s the angle grinder

Remember when making friends was child's play? Over half of adults say it’s been a long time since they made a new friend. It doesn’t need to be this way. Let's be more open, let's be more together

#BeMoreUs @EndLonelinessUK

Why mental health needs more than an awareness week

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