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5 months ago

Thoughts and well-wishes for the week.Shared by Adam Busby #inthistogether ...
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6 months ago

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day. For those with mental health concerns, that can feel like one's world, daily. The impetus for Innercycle was belief in a fresh approach to the rise in numbers of people struggling to maintain well-being. On World Mental Health Day 2016, the UN highlighted need for "immediate support to those in psychological distress after a crisis."In 2017, WHO's focus was mental health in the workplace.Two years ago, the theme was the young; in 2019, suicide prevention. Now: celebration of professionals - we also add unpaid family carers and volunteers - who support those facing all of these 'themes' and more, each and every day.Talking helps. Active listening, too. Actions can speak louder. We celebrate those who've donated, sponsored, gifted products and shared their valuable time to help us in early-stage - and dormancy - towards established, effective impact.We can all take it one day at a time in coming back to our best during these unprecedented times. Yet ability to achieve ideals depends upon help. What could you do on World Mental Health Day to help someone? Insignificant it may be to you, yet a smile can make someone's day. Can you gift a moment, if not in a position to spare change? What could you do daily to brighten the lives of those around you, not just once a year? Scope to act more kindly - to yourself and others - each day? Please share.In gratitude, from all at Innercycle#WorldMentalHealthDay #thankyou ...
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10 months ago

A good weekend to all and for all🙏 #gratitudeYou ...
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Tomorrow's theme for World Mental Health Day is celebration of professional carers. We add unpaid family carers and volunteers.

Kindness and thankfulness every day, to yourself and others, not just once a year, are treasured gifts.


Being kind to someone is something that they will recognise and it will brighten their day. But more than that, the feeling of positivity you will get from just simply being kind will bounce back on you too, with a sense of connection and purpose


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