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4 weeks ago


Thanks to everyone who visited us at Café Velo on Sunday, delighted to meet old friends and new!

Colin, our local 'South Central' Cycle Coordinator received a 'thank you' award for his amazing work on our behalf, followed by him leading a social ride around Moor Valley Park (proof that our founder pedalled!)

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who bought many a bargain at our pop-up shop in support – great music, excellent food, well done to Café Velo's hard-working team on a very busy weekend – thanks to Schwalbe, Calor and Tiger Comms, and our fab local volunteers, Allison, Trev, Dave and Marc – get in touch to join in the fun and let's do this again soon!
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Volunteers Week 'thank you' to Colin Dennis, our 'South Central Cycle Coordinator: 1-min video @_innercycle

Hello! Could you help raise awareness of our Wellbeing Appeal? It's for our charitable work and a new project in the New Forest area. Huge thanks to our partners, amazing volunteers and for your help in sharing our page! 🙌🙏 #innercycle #mentalhealth

Anxiety does not mean you are weak. Anxiety forges you. Living with anxiety, turning up and doing stuff with anxiety, takes a strength most will never know. Have anxiety a while and you have lived several lifetimes, and have won many invisible wars.

A few riders on the #ridelondon route very early this morning taking advantage of the closed roads before the event riders came through. We clapped anyway. Kudos to the guy who responded with "Thanks - but I'm a just-got-out-of-bed rider'. :)))

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