Ellie Forgan – Co-Lead of Cycling Operations

I find this sort of thing a “wee” bitty hard, but here she goes! I am a 37 yr old lass from a village called Gateside, in Fife, in Scotland.

I recall spending the majority of my time covered in mud, making hand-made rafts to try and sail down the burn which was at the bottom of the fields surrounding my house. When I wasn’t getting wet (inevitably when the raft sank), I climbed trees to my heart's content, climbed hills, rode my bike and generally ran free in the outdoors. The outdoors was my ‘safe’ space, a space for adventure and ‘me’. My connection with mother nature runs very deeply indeed.

If you ever want to find me......then, look to the hills or the forests or the water……

Life events ‘happened’ and they played a part in the direction and content of my story. This of which can be left for another time.

But if anyone is ever interested, then I am happy to tell….☺️

EF Canada

I moved around many times and eventually gained a degree in Sports at the University of Stirling in 2002. After a year of work in Dundee, I settled in the beautiful city of Edinburgh for about 13 years and worked as an Active Schools Coordinator in the Liberton area of the city. I mention this specifically, because Liberton became my home and I will always cherish the connections I made during this period of my life.

At this point I started to ride a bike more. If you ask any of my friends, I think they will tell you that I ride it pretty well, too! Biking became central to my own therapeutic process and I loved every second of the freedom, connection, friendships, health and healing that it gave me.

Fast forward: a job redundancy, a relationship disintegration, a life changing trip to Canada – see the stunning view above – a couple of deep healing primal therapy courses, a counselling skills course and now I'm in my second year of a Postgrad in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at Brighton University. After a thousand long goodbyes to friends, family and flats in Edinburgh and a 500 mile car journey to start another chapter in my life, you will now find me riding the trails in the beautiful South Downs, Surrey Hills and, for the first time in my life, some incredible visits to Wales!

Oh and I have now found the courage to start competing in Enduro racing, which I completely love, it’s exciting, every single bit of it!

My postgrad client work is a gift to me and I work for innercycle.

I sent out a bit of a vision for my future over four years ago now, and in it contained just single words, like: THERAPY, CYCLING, OUTDOORS, HEALING. Timing, synchronicity, strength and a deep knowing that things would be OK, all played their part in this.

To tell you that I am excited about the next wee while would be a little bit of an understatement!