Individual Cycling Plan Support

Here is where you'll find out about:

  • the benefits of cycling
  • options that we offer
  • next steps

We love how cycling makes us feel!

Equally, we care about helping people find purpose and to discover their own direction in life, to reconnect with their sense of self.

We recognise that, after coming through difficult emotional struggles, it can be hard sometimes to rebuild confidence, to get back on the road, to dare to dream and make plans to believe in.


innercycle helps you on your way: we even offer you the bike to do it!*

It’s the first step to feeling good and purposeful again. Cycling is a proven way to start (read more). Let it enhance your wellbeing, inspire your 'get up and go' and reconnect you with your community.

*T&Cs apply. Details on application


We facilitate tailored plans to help people gain confidence, build resilience and to stretch themselves, moving beyond comfort zones

Exercise is regarded as highly effective in alleviating non-physical ill-health, producing an ‘endorphin rush’ improving mood significantly

Cycling, in particular, is cited in a number of clinical and academic studies as beneficial to mental and emotional wellbeing


Getting back in the saddle with innercycle is the start of a journey with us alongside you.

So, what are the benefits of cycling for getting back to – and sustaining – good mental health?



– Rhythm

– Ratio of rest to effort (2:1)

– Low impact

– Relatively painless gain in fitness levels

– The ‘feel good’ factor: excitement and satisfaction of covering ground under one’s own power

– Experience greater connection with nature, contributing to benefit of the environment

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– Engagement with craft skills

– Technical elements, equipment and accessory gadgets: provide deeper engagement, focus and concentration

– Bike maintenance and bike-building enhance a sense of self-reliance, resourcefulness, command and mastery, improving self-esteem

– Provides a framework for staged programmes towards tangible targets (employment, projects, etc.)


– Opportunities to socialise and a chance for ‘me time’


– Achievable and aspirational goals

e.g. participation in organised competitions and charitable rides that can enhance self-worth, etc.


What we offer


If you don't have a bicycle, we can offer you one!

Choose a road bike or a mountain-bike, or a BMX. We can arrange a fitting and even delivery through our UK-wide network.

We make a small charge for benefit-dependent applicants and a nominal fee applies for those in work on low incomes. Other pricing dependent on circumstances


Riding with a 'cycle mentor'

You have the option of a male or female 'bike buddy', to help with choosing a bike, or to meet up with now and again for a ride or an event

Our volunteer mentors are fully trained and are disclosure certified


Tailored support

Whether you'd be fine just gaining confidence to ride down to your local shops, or have a goal to participate in an event, even competitive racing, our coaches and instructors can work alongside you


Safety & Maintenance

Before heading out to enjoy the wind, it's vital to ensure that your bike is as well cared for as you are!

Take advantage of our theory courses via our online portal. We can also arrange practical visits for you to train up, becoming qualified and certified, even gaining a job placement or setting up your own business in the cycling industry!

Next steps

We anticipate being able to enrol people in local 'hub' projects when we are fully operational. Keep an eye out for announcements.

We'll be asking people to complete an initial questionnaire, to help identify needs, to then prepare individual placement support.

If you work in cycling, please visit our Cycle Industry page.

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