Lifework:  Career guidance and workplace support


Schooling and further education are intended to prepare people for something that doesn't actually sound appealing:  fifty-plus years of work.

Which, on the whole, explains a lot.

Career disappointments, setbacks, changes of heart and mind. We've all been there.

Making a living, earning in a soul-destroying job to pay bills and taxes... unemployment.

It's not what life is all about, really, is it?


Our approach is based upon decades of helping thousands of people look at work in a more positive, life affirming way.

Doing what you love and getting paid for it is an ideal.

For some, it might be through running a business.

For most, it's a sense of security that goes with pursuing a career or having a great job in a particular industry.

The happiest people, though, tend to have purpose, meaning and a direction.

When someone's passionate and inspirational, their values are aligned with their lifework.

And that's our purpose: to help you find and live yours

What we offer


Unsure about a direction? Need help to apply for a new role? With us you can self-assess your skills and preferences, profile-match, craft an effective resume and improve interview technique


You'll have  access to real-time local study options, live job listings and webchat support for up to a year, even after you gain meaningful work


We'll assess preferences with you and put a plan together to help you get back to your best!

Confidential access: when extra help is needed in a supportive and understanding setting, it's there.