Start Up and Business Support


Happier and better suited to working for yourself ?

Have you ever thought about self-employment?

Perhaps you're already running a business!

Choosing to start a business – or set up for a charitable cause – is an important, sometimes life-changing decision.

There is a wealth of published information and online guidance available from many reputable organisations – and professional advisors – to ensure that prospective owner-managers and management teams begin well prepared and keep on the right track as a venture grows.

First hand (hard won) experience is the best way to learn.

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However, our approach has been created specifically for people who have gone through exceptionally challenging experiences.

With 12 Modules – accessed via our secure login portal – each section can be worked through in two hours. Taken once a week, the whole course could be completed in under three months.

The practical content is based on accredited material developed from over twenty years of actual advisory sessions and hands-on experience in building ventures.

The process is also intended to help generate greater self-awareness, as part of a journey towards fulfilling purpose, assigning meaning and progressing in a desired direction.

We can develop the potential to realise aspirations, to build confidence and resilience, while injecting some fun along the way!