Happier and better suited to working for yourself ?

Have you ever thought about self-employment? Perhaps you're already running a business!

Choosing to start a business – or set up for a charitable cause – is an important, sometimes life-changing decision.

There is a wealth of published information and online guidance available from many reputable organisations – and professional advisors – to ensure that prospective owner-managers and management teams begin well prepared and keep on the right track as a venture grows.

Of course, first-hand (and hard-won) experience is the best way to learn. However, our approach has been created specifically for people who have gone through exceptionally challenging experiences.

It’s intended to help them to become a little more self-aware as to how such circumstances may be of immense value in coming to a point, as part of a journey towards fulfilling purpose, assigning meaning and progressing in a desired direction.

We've adopted a self-paced, online modular approach – tried and tested with thousands of people – thought-provoking interactive delivery intended to assist personal development, to bring out latent qualities, encourage creative thinking and enhance interpersonal skills in a practical and accessible format. It also provides relevant facts about compliances and sources of further information.

Some people may find that they are likelier to be happier, better suited and more productive in a job, working for others. Whereas, certain people find that working for oneself and possibly employing others brings a greater sense of wellbeing. The consideration revolves around perception of risk.

Self-employment and true business ownership are not the same thing: each requires different skill-sets and mindset.


Whether you're new to the idea of self-employment, or you already run your own business

– perhaps unsure about where to turn for understanding support –

we're here to help!

This is a free programme of support for those who are on the cusp of recovery from mental health concerns 

Even if you might be wondering how to get cash together, or not sure if you can open a business bank account – we can help!

We are partnered with an award-winning 'ID-check only' banking institution. This means no credit check is carried out.

You could open an account in ten minutes, with full online and telephone access, and issue of a debit card. Plus, we also offer you £25 towards the account fee!

Normally £75, we credit to your account when you're ready to start, reducing your cost to just £50!  More details on application: confidentiality applies

Each module contains:

  • Brief introduction
  • List of learning objectives
  • Review questions to allow self-reflection
  • Links to useful sources of further information
  • Forum for discussion on any aspect of the content
  • Web-chat feature to liaise with an actual start-up advisor!

You can also make confidential self-referrals to one of our accredited therapists during your individual support plan, at any time: no limit, no charge.

To find out more, please get in touch!  Contact us: support@innercycle.org