We bring purpose, meaning and direction to people with mental health concerns through cycling

Personalised plans with access to accredited therapists and practical help with career choices


To become fully operational

we require adequate funding and the lifting of lockdown restrictions

Site for information only: if you're able to help in some way, please get in touch!

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Innercycle CIO | Charity registered in England & Wales: 1179976

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Can we talk? There are few things more rewarding than sparing some time to benefit others with your talents. Get back the love you put in, and then some!



Is this you?

Cycle coaches and instructors, bike recycling centres, therapeutic practitioners, vocational advisors and suppliers of just about everything wanted!

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A little giving goes a long way. Just a few pounds can help us to restore people's confidence, to retrain them, arrange a job placement, even start a business!


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What are your priorities this year? Are you keen to get your brand out there, seen to be doing some more good? Let's get together to see how we can help you!

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